Gracie Barra Instructor Hierarchy

Grand Master:

A red belt, 9th degree. i.e: Grand Master Carlos Gracie Senior, 10th degree red belt, who was the first Gracie to ever Master Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We demonstrate our respects through bowing to his picture at the end of each class.


Responsible for the vision and direction of our Organization. Carlos Gracie Jr. makes recommendations and Gracie Barra leaders provide feedback and support to help put his ideas into action in a structured manner.


A red and black belt, 8th and 7th degree. This individual is also responsible for bestowing the coveted black belt rank. The Gracie Barra founder, Carlos Gracie Jr. holds this title.

Head Instructor:

Overseas the learning program. His tasks include evaluating and promoting senior students, select and train instructors.
Professor: Instructors holding the rank of black belt. Normally they will be tasked with teaching the primary classes.

Chief Instructor:

Not only does this instructor teach but he also takes on more responsibility around the school and assist with off the mat duties. He is primarily at school location.
Instructor: An individual capable of stepping in front of a class and teach.


Play a critical role in assisting with classes and filling in for Instructors should their schedule not permit for teaching. May be responsible for teaching some classes.